Green In Schools

Privacy Policy

The information gathered through this website by this company is purely the names addresses and email addresses of schools and contact names of interested parties in those schools in the United Kingdom. And we as a company are committed to protecting the privacy of all personal information. This information shall; And we as a company shall;

  1. Not be given to any third party either in or outside of the European Community
  2. Not be used for the promotion of any goods and services other than those directly related to the Energy Saving Quest for Schools
  3. Give adequate notice to all licensed users of any change in this policy
  4. Not be responsible for any information held about our clients on other websites.
  5. Inform our clients of information requested by them through our website related to the common project, and where they have consented to be contacted about such services.
  6. At times gather statistical information for the further improvement of the project.
  7. Allow access to all information kept by us to any client wishing to see such information
  8. Ensure that proper security measures are in place for all information gathered from our clients for the purpose of the project.
  9. Comply with all aspects of the GDPR Data protection Act applicable.

Terms & Conditions

The Energy Saving Quest for Schools Program and all related literature is designed for Schools to use as an Educational device to enable the advancement of Education in the subject of home energy, and is not to be used or be relied upon for any other practical calculation of energy related data.

The project shall be for schools to use within the U.K.Initial registration allows schools a free trial period which will expire at the end of the calendar month of registration, schools will then be invoiced for the annual fee during the following calendar month.

The copyright of the program Energy Saving Quest for Schools and all questionnaires and related literature is owned by ESQ Creations & Company of 3 Orchard House Station road, Weston-S-Mare,Somerset,U.K. BS22 6AU, U.K. Illegal or unlicensed usage of the program or its related literature is not permitted without permission from ESQ Creations in writing. Participants of the Energy Saving Quest , do so at their own risk .No responsibility is accepted by ESQ Creations for any damages incurred either bodily or to property by any participant taking part in any of the elements required to comp[ete the program, whether it is damages caused by research for the questionnaire, or the entering of the information to the program. Further no responsibility is accepted by ESQ Creations for the accuracy of the reports produced by the program as we as a company have no control over the level of accuracy of the information gathered that is fed into the program by any participant. The reports produced by the Energy Saving Quest for Schools program are NOT Government registered Energy Performance Certificates and as such are not valid for any transaction involving the sale or rent of any property, either domestic dwellings or commercial properties.